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Our Name | “The GRADE”

Stevenson’s book “The Silverado Squatters” is one of the foremost about the lore and history of Napa Valley.  In the passage above we discovered the name for our winery as he described our vineyard location at the beginning of the Old Toll Road:  we entered the toll road, or, to be more local, entered on “the grade”…”

We make three distinctive Cabernet Sauvignons from our estate vineyard, including “THE GRADE”, “KINGLY PROJECT” and “SERPENT’S BACK”, all of which were named from this book.

Our Sauvignon Blanc wine “SEA-FOG” was taken from a chapter title. The sea-fogs Stevenson witnessed from atop Mount Saint Helena are formed by cool marine air that is drawn into the warm upper Napa Valley from the Pacific and are integral to Calistoga’s mesoclimate.

Robert Louis Stevenson | Our Muse

Robert Louis Stevenson and his new bride Fanny honeymooned in a bunkhouse in the abandoned mining town of Silverado on Mount Saint Helena  in 1880. During that period he wrote eloquently about the natural beauty, characters and wines of Calistoga and Napa Valley.

Our 2017 public art project for “Arts In April” in St. Helena ~

           The Literary Terroir